The intoxicating ever present subtle smell of burning incense. That to me is the smell of Bali. Engraining itself deeply in my sense memory with each step along her streets. Watching every footfall, careful not to step on the daily offerings, packaged in their folded green leafed boxes. Placed along the sidewalks, door entries and amongst the open air shrines as a sacred form of gratitude for what is, and a wish for peace and abundance in the world. Scootering was our method of transportation around the country, experiencing both the north and southlands and all the traffic in between. We strolled along the Campuhan ridge walk, visited temples encased by lakes, mountains and oceans. Sipped luwak coffee, while hanging out with some sweet and tubby luwaks. We clambered amongst the iconic rice terraces while I wished farewell to this wonderful continent.  I will be back though... 

Keswick, England May 2019

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