Bangkok hit me first with the heat, getting my heart beating in tune to the flashing neon and vibrant street art. The lyrical sing-song greeting “Sawadee Kha” drew me in further with a smile. The toe-tapping percussion of the constant question "tuk tuk?" brought me to my feet. The steam and scent of street meat filled my head and lingered like the lyrics to a favorite song.  As we danced in the street, cheersed with a Chang, we let Bangkok leave a permanent mark.

Khao San Road

In the daylight all week, a normal road with merchants and a few open bars.  As the sun goes down, slowly the music gets cranked up, the pubs and dance floors spill out into the street and the market booths appear. You can get a sampling of scorpion or an array of other creepy crawlies to crunch on. Carve a steak from an alligator on a spit and listen to the calls and pops of what else beckons just around the corner...

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