ENGLAND May 2018


Our time was short and sweet:  we ambled through Camden market and did the Truffle Shuffle with a gangster chunk.  Met up with old friends to share pints and hear stories from back in the day.


Back to the Lake District for hiking on warm spring afternoons. We snapped photos of the flowers blooming across the meadows and the fern leaves stretching in the sunlight. We giggled at lambs’ tails as they munched happily on fresh grass.  We giggled at ourselves as we sampled every sweet in the shops.  Happy and in love, we sat on the dock of the bay, wastin’ time.


We drank Newcastle in Newcastle by the river. Meandered along the waterfront, over the bridges and up the hills to see the places that held the memories. We stuffed our faces with too much sushi. Gave our prayers to Newcastle United over Hop House 13s and lived it up proper Geordie-style.

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