Ao Nang

We strolled into our accommodations at the top of the hill sweaty, ready to soak in the sunshine and excited for a warm and sunny xmas on the beach.  Striving to get our beach bodies on point, we filled our bellies with seafood feasts, mango sticky rice, curries galore and washed it all down with a large Chang beer. While on shoreline wanders, we found a semi-secluded beach for swimming, sunbathing and sunsets. At low tide we explored the art pieces in the bay and wandered the night market nearby. Carnival games were placed along the road with giant plush prizes beckoning from their stalls. Drooling with anticipation, we watched the papaya salad masters as they mortared and pestled fresh herbs and spices into a concoction of sweet, sour, tangy sauce made to order. We sampled the skewered street meats, dripping with juices and placed in chili-sauced bags to enjoy on the go.

Tiger Cave Temple 

We conquered all 1,260 steps in one million percent humidity, dodging the adorably thieving monkeys, pausing occasionally to wring out our shirts and catch our breath. I regretted my choice of an extra two donuts for breakfast: dripping with sweat and flush with pink smiley faces we made it to the top.

Railay Beach

It’s a quick long-tail boat ride over to the famed beach. We baked in the sun and sang Rock Lobster at our reddening hides. We scampered up ropes to a vista point, laughing at how the clay was staining our clothes and skin a burnt orange. Braving the pirate-lines to descend into the lagoon, I imagined the tentacled monster that was most definitely lurking just below the surface.   We braved the hordes of people to visit the cock cave. Froggering our way through the blankets and bodies to snap some silly photos, we returned to our secluded beach paradise on the opposite end of the bay

Emerald Pools

Camera in one hand and navigation in the other, I rode behind as Jason skillfully weaved us through the streets and scooters.  Beyond the city, we took the backroads and trails to our destination: a frolic in the emerald water.

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