This charming little village with its stone streets and half-timbered houses was a sheer delight to wander through. First a toast at the Mermaid Inn, then off to explore and discover the hidden treasures this hamlet had in store. Sampling meats, cheeses and fudge from the local market. I joined in a scavenger hunt with some locals and laughed at the busker and his plastic fox terrifying the dogs.


Stone beaches and warm sunshine made these days feel almost tropical.  Stopping at Eastbourne Pier for ice cream and arcade games before trotting up to Beachy Head, glimpsing the lighthouse from atop the cliffs.  From below the Seven Sisters, chalk walls echoed the rumble-click of stone against stone tumbling in the waves.


Golden-hour peregrinations through this lovable town, finishing with a pint at the pub with my new favorite drinking buddy.

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