New Year’s Eve 2019. On the island, we played “How Many Packs Can You Fit Onto 1 Scooter.” Missing only some chickens and a few extra people to look like a true local. Dining with our hosts and painting our faces with neon and glitter before catching a tuk-tuk to the gates of Haad Rin.  Walking the streets with alcohol buckets in hand, watching the fire-dancers and people jumping the ropes of flames. We danced in the sand and gazed at the fireworks when the clock struck twelve.  We partied and were silly and celebrated the year to come, toasting to the silhouettes of people urinating into the ocean.

*An extra thank you to my wonderful wandering boyfriend, Jason. He is a talented photographer and you should also Follow his Adventures around the globe.  His photos make it into these posts as well, and he deserves some extra recognition as this blog in particular is heavy with his shots.* 

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